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What is "Battered Women's Syndrome?"

Domestic abuse is a serious concern for many Americans throughout the United States. Many of the symptoms of domestic violence are not always easy to recognize, often making it difficult for an abused wife or girlfriend to get out of the situation. One common syndrome among repeatedly abused women is called battered women's syndrome.

Mayor accused of domestic abuse, wife seeks protection

Families in the spotlight, like celebrities, business owners or political families can reap the benefits, or the downsides, of the fame they have attained. A Pennsylvania mayor in nearby Williamsport has received mostly positive press, however, when his wife filed for divorce his name was dragged through the headlines. What was so disheartening about the headline? In it, the wife accused the mayor (and estranged husband) of spousal abuse.

Protection after threats of violence

Marriages have their fair share of challenges, as well as happy, positive moments. However, sometimes a deteriorating marriage can take a frightening turn when a spouse threatens violence or is otherwise aggressive toward their spouse or children. Since the divorce process can take weeks or even months, sometimes a divorce is not enough to protect oneself from threats of violence from an estranged spouse. This is why protective orders exist to help to those who are victims of domestic abuse.

Protect yourself and children from an estranged spouse

Sometimes, relationships that were once sunshine and clear skies can become dark, murky and otherwise unhappy. If the relationship is not only failing, but you fear for the safety of yourself or your children due to threatening actions by your spouse or your child’s parent, you may need to seek help. But where to turn for protection? A person can seek a temporary order for protection from abuse, or PFA, if they fear for their safety.

Emergency protection orders can protect domestic violence victims

When it comes to life at home, sometimes positive relationships can turn tumultuous. This can lead to behavior that gets out of control and can be very harmful to those who are exposed. For some Cranberry Township residents, it can be become violent. Emotional and physical abuse in the home is what's known as domestic abuse.

Common traits of emotional abusers

Unfortunately, some Cranberry Township residents have been the victim of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can take many different forms, including sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse. There are certain traits that are common to emotional abusers that a potential mate may want to look out for.

We can help victims of domestic violence, abuse

People in the Pittsburgh metro area, including in Butler County, may think that matters of domestic violence are issues that police and criminal prosecutors handle. While that is true, and victims of domestic violence should not hesitate to contact law enforcement, family lawyers like those who work at our law office can also help prevent domestic violence an abuse, specifically by obtaining or modifying what is called a protection from abuse ("PFA") order.

Understanding a temporary protective order in Pennsylvania

It is an unfortunate reality that there are times when domestic abuse takes place between people in a relationship in Pennsylvania. There are certain steps that a person who is facing abuse and violence can take to put a legal stop to it. Understanding the criteria for this can help with filing an order to be protected. Following the steps is important to getting the temporary and then final order.

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