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Lawsuit takes on driver's license suspensions

A criminal defense against drug charges is vital for a person if they hope to keep their freedom, avoid fines, and forestall a criminal record. However, Pennsylvania is one of 12 states that also imposes other long-term consequences for these convictions by suspending a driver's license for anywhere between six months and two years. This suspension may be imposed even if the crime was unrelated to driving or even if it concerned possession of small amounts of drugs.

Breath test refusal will cost driver more money in 2018

A driver's refusal to submit to a blood or breath test for suspected drunk driving may be profitable for Pennsylvania police. Effective January 11th, convicted drunk drivers will have to pay a restoration fee for their license if they refused these tests. This is another important reason to have an effective criminal defense against drunk driving charges when accused of these types of offenses.

Proximity may not justify seizure of alleged drug money

Having an inadequate criminal defense has long-term consequences. Forfeiture of money allegedly involved in drug crimes is one possible consequence. However, the state Supreme Court recently ruled that prosecutors cannot simply prove that cash and illegal drugs were in the same place to justify the seizure of money.

Pennsylvania's laws for driving under the influence of marijuana

Pennsylvania imposes severe penalties when an individual is caught driving with marijuana in their bloodstream, even if the driver is not impaired. Suspects should be aware of the significance of mounting an effective criminal defense after an arrest because of the severity of the penalties they could face if convicted.

Lawsuit claims DUI quotas violated rights

A dashboard video of Pennsylvania State Troopers allegedly discussing driving under the influence arrest quotas was essential to the criminal defense and the dismissal of a charge for driving under the influence of controlled substances in Carbon County. The defendant also filed a federal lawsuit for law enforcement actions relating to this arrest.

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