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3 things you can do to make your divorce less frustrating

Now that you and your spouse have come to terms with your relationship being over, you might feel anxious about filing for divorce. Though no one really wants to be the first to pull the trigger, neither of you wants to go through a bitter separation. Your friends and relatives in Butler and Allegheny Counties are probably telling you to prepare for the drama that often comes with divorce. But if you plan things carefully, you might not have to deal with high drama.

Divorce is often only as difficult as you and your partner make it. There may be things you do not see eye-to-eye on, but it is possible for you to work things out through collaboration and negotiation. Here are some suggestions to help keep your divorce from dragging on and becoming unpleasant. 

1. Learn your rights and duties 

You may feel as if you deserve to receive certain things in your divorce settlement. Your beliefs might not be an accurate reflection of your rights and responsibilities. You might want to hire an attorney to learn these rights so you are not at a disadvantage during divorce negotiations

2. Know your financial situation 

One of the worst things you can do in a divorce is to enter into negotiations without having a clear understanding of your complete financial picture. If you are the higher earner, you should know what you can afford to pay so you do not end having up to pay more. 

3. Write down your wants and needs 

Much of the conflict that comes with divorce arises from spouses focusing more on their wants than needs. You may have some things you want that your partner may not be so willing to give up and vice versa. Not being considerate of your partner's needs and desires can lead to conflict and a breakdown in negotiations. Knowing the difference between necessities and desires could help give you some leverage so you can negotiate a more favorable divorce settlement. 

Divorces are not short and easy, nor are they pleasant to deal with. But the more effort you put into settling your differences fairly, the better the chances may be for a more positive outcome.

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