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November 2017 Archives

Criminal Charges

Being charged with a criminal offense is one of the worst experiences a person can have. They already know it may be coming as they have been questioned by the police or other law enforcement entity. Finding out that you made your case easier for the police to charge you throws fuel on the fire.

The significance of felony charges

Pennsylvania felony charges are important to understand because they can carry significant penalties. All criminal charges are serious, but felony charges differ from misdemeanor charges in terms of potential penalties. In general, misdemeanor charges may be punished by a year or less in jail, and felony charges may be punished by a year or greater in prison. While penalties for felony charges can be more significant, no criminal charge should be taken lightly.

Understanding juvenile charges is essential

Young people can make mistakes that can have a significant impact on them far into the future. Criminal charges can impact a young person's education and professional opportunities and also have an impact on their personal lives. It is important when a young person has been charged with a crime that they and their parents understand the legal options available to them and that, generally, the goal is the rehabilitation of the young person.

The serious nature of rape charges in Pennsylvania

Rape charges are serious criminal charges and carry penalties and consequences. Rape occurs when an individual, through force or the threat of force, has sexual intercourse with another party. Rape can also occur when the individual has impaired the other party's ability to consent through intoxication or other means. Statutory rape also refers to sexual intercourse with a party who is deemed by law to be too young to consent.

Five Pennsylvania college students cited for underage drinking

In another community, five college students were recently cited for underage drinking. The college students were cited for underage drinking at a football game. One of the students that was cited was hospitalized and then released. Authorities are warning young people and their parents of the dangers of underage drinking and the potential penalties and consequences associated with it, which can be significant.

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