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A couple of DUI defense tactics to consider

Many college students in the Cranberry Township area underestimate the impact of criminal charges on their futures. As glorified as drinking and driving is on television, in real life, a simple DUI charge carries some serious consequences that can linger indefinitely. 

No matter their circumstances, college students who find themselves with DUI charges should take some time to learn a few possible defense strategies they can use to improve the outcome of their situations. 

Prove there was no intoxication 

It is very common for people to receive DUI charges when they are not drunk. Having one or two drinks is usually not enough to render a person impaired. It can cause them to feel buzzed and slightly alter their perception, response times and judgments. In order to prove you were not intoxicated at the time of your arrest, you will need to provide a plausible explanation for your actions at the time. Possible explanations that can help explain why you may have failed the field sobriety tests include: 

  •        Fatigue
  •        Physical injuries
  •        Disability
  •        Medication 

Keep in mind that if you claim you are innocent and were not intoxicated at the time of your arrest, law enforcement may use the results of any chemical tests to challenge it. If your blood or urine test shows there was alcohol in your system, you might want to consider using another defense strategy.

Prove law enforcement apprehended you illegally 

It is possible for you to have any evidence that law enforcement secured against you at the time of your arrest labeled as inadmissible. To do this, you will need to prove that the officer had no legal reason to pull you over and detain you or he or she failed to use proper protocol. 

There are other defense strategies you can use to beat a DUI charge. Criminal charges are not easy to deal with when you have little to no legal knowledge of the criminal justice system. To learn what your defense options are, you should consider speaking to an attorney for guidance.

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