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Are you honestly prepared to face divorce?

If you have been struggling with the idea of divorce, you should ask yourself if you are truly ready for this life-altering experience. Even if you are eager to turn the page, you may still have moments when you wonder if you are doing the right thing.

Everyone who faces the prospect of divorce feels conflicted. You may want to end the marriage but at the same time feel guilty about doing so. On the other hand, while you think moving on is the right thing to do, you may have trouble believing that a better life awaits.

Three major divorce dilemmas

First, because your divorce would impact so many people, especially your children, you hesitate to go through with it. Second, you may not want a divorce, but your spouse does, which is devastating to you. Third, you may decide you want a divorce because your marriage is simply not working, and you put the blame for this on your spouse. 

The powerplay

The question is, are you ready to go through with the divorce, or are you just using it as a threat? In other words, anger or frustration may cause you to threaten to end the marriage. Perhaps you only want to exert power, to be taken seriously, to make your spouse see marital difficulties from your point of view.

Signs that you are ready for divorce

Here are important indications that you are truly ready to end your marriage and move on:

  • You accept that there will be changes to your lifestyle and financial situation.
  • You believe you will be able to handle the upheaval your children will experience because of the divorce.
  • You will be able to let go of your spouse mentally and emotionally.
  • You are confident that you can overcome the fear of the unknown, times of loneliness and feelings of insecurity.

If divorce is what you want, keep in mind that your attitude will determine the type: contentious or collaborative. Despite your differences, you both have the opportunity to move forward with the least amount of hostility and stress. If you can achieve civility during the effort of ending your marriage, your future will be the better for it.

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