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August 2017 Archives

What is collaborative law divorce and what are its benefits?

When a Pennsylvania couple is considering divorce, it is likely that they have many important questions and concerns. One question they may have is if there are options available that might make their divorce less acrimonious, costly and time consuming. One option that might help is a collaborative law divorce. The collaborative law divorce process is an out-of-court divorce option for couples to consider.

Understanding how spousal support is determined in Pennsylvania

Spousal support is an understandably significant concern for many divorcing spouses. Financial security is an important concerns for both the family law system and the couple. It is helpful for divorcing couples to understand the guidelines used to develop spousal support orders.

How are child custody decisions made in Pennsylvania?

For couples who are divorcing, child custody may be on the top of their list of concerns. Most couples will want to know what to expect from the child custody process and what it will mean for them and for their children. Because child custody can be an emotionally challenging aspect of any divorce, it is helpful to know how the family law process works and how child custody is determined in Pennsylvania.

The many benefits of a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are associated oftentimes with celebrities and the wealthy in the minds of many but prenuptial agreements offer some basic benefits to any couple. Prenuptial agreements are useful tools for any couple bringing personal and business assets into a marriage. Prenuptial agreements can be helpful to outline the expectations of the couple and can help in the event of divorce so that divorcing couple knows what to expect from the property division process which can save time, money and acrimony should the couple decide to divorce at some point.

The kids may have trouble dealing with your amicable divorce

 Under normal circumstances, your marital breakup would probably be fraught with emotions such as stress, anxiety and anger. Your children would not be happy about the divorce, but they would understand it. The relationship was deteriorating. They would have seen it coming.

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