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Protection after threats of violence

Marriages have their fair share of challenges, as well as happy, positive moments. However, sometimes a deteriorating marriage can take a frightening turn when a spouse threatens violence or is otherwise aggressive toward their spouse or children. Since the divorce process can take weeks or even months, sometimes a divorce is not enough to protect oneself from threats of violence from an estranged spouse. This is why protective orders exist to help to those who are victims of domestic abuse.

Since family law is governed by Pennsylvania state law, one must look to the state statutes to determine a potential course of action to protect oneself against threats of violence. According to Pennsylvania's Protection From Abuse Act, a protective order may be issued by the court for a variety of offenses including physical violence, sexual violence and threats to harm. Also false imprisonment, in which a person is held against their will. Even sexual abuse of children is reason to seek a Protection from Abuse order or PFA.

When estranged spouses separate, this can be a great way to de-escalate a dangerous or potentially violent situation. However, sometimes putting distance between yourself and your spouse becomes a problem when stalking behavior is involved. Stalking is a crime and is a violent or threatening behavior that can be taken into account when seeking a PFA. At Haller &Imbarlina PC, we believe that everyone should feel safe in their home and that domestic abuse should not be tolerated.

PFAs can be helpful during the divorce process to put the violence of a spouse, or threats of violence on record. Besides the actions that can be taken in a deranged spouse breaks the PFA, it can be used as evidence in divorce proceedings. This could be helpful especially in child custody situations, in which a parent may seek sole custody.

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