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Mayor accused of domestic abuse, wife seeks protection

Families in the spotlight, like celebrities, business owners or political families can reap the benefits, or the downsides, of the fame they have attained. A Pennsylvania mayor in nearby Williamsport has received mostly positive press, however, when his wife filed for divorce his name was dragged through the headlines. What was so disheartening about the headline? In it, the wife accused the mayor (and estranged husband) of spousal abuse.

Beyond her claims made in the filing and in PA divorce court, the mayor's wife did not cite the vague 'irreconcilable differences' as her reason for filing for divorce. Instead, the mayor's estranged wife claimed that her husband has engaged in unspecified acts with other women. Essentially, she has accused her estranged husband of cheating with multiple women. In addition, she claimed that she feared for her safety and the safety of her children as she has been the victim of domestic abuse and more specifically "cruel and barbarous treatment."

She even went so far as to file for a PFA or Protection from Abuse Order. It is advised that spouses who fear for their safety or their child's safety to file for these protective orders that are a means of seeking refuge from a potential abuser as any violation of the PFA could greatly affect the future divorce proceedings in terms of alimony and child custody decisions. The judge approved the wife's request for a PFA but recently, she had the PFA dismissed at the wife's request for unspecified reasons.

The mayor and his wife share five children and are still going through the divorce process. It is not yet clear if the women's allegations against the mayor hold any weight. Those seeking a PFA need take the process seriously and consider how a PFA could affect both parties and any children involved as a PFA could make contact with a child's father or mother difficult. Protection from Abuse Orders are necessary in cases in which a spouse or child is being abused.

Source: Pennlive.com, "Williamsport mayor's wife seeks divorce claims marriage, 'tainted by abuse,'" June 1, 2017

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