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The unconsidered risks of teen drinking and driving

Teenage motorists are more likely to end up in drunk driving accidents than any other age group on the roads in Butler County. Car accidents are a leading cause of death for adolescent drivers When alcohol is a factor, the risks that teenagers face on the roads increase significantly. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol, but the fear of jail time and criminal records are not enough to deter some young offenders. Parents should learn more about the dangers of teenage alcohol intoxication and driving so they can guide their kids to make better decisions.

Factors that contribute to teen drinking

Many teens are under peer pressure from their friends and outside influences to fit in. Many adolescents start binge drinking while they are still in high school. They continue to drink alcohol because it can seem cool and exciting in the eyes of their peers. They may also see their parents and other role models drinking it. Many teens also feel that it is exciting and try to influence others to do it.

Failure to understand the effects of impairment

Alcohol dulls the senses and causes users to become impaired. The effects of impairment may not show up immediately. But for many motorists, teenagers included, these effects can severely impact their behaviors and judgments. Adolescents who drink are more likely to become inebriated faster than adults; their bodies are not able to process alcohol as efficiently. They lose their ability to make good decisions, exhibit more risky behaviors, become distracted while operating their vehicles and have slower reaction times. The more alcohol they consume, the more prominent the effects become. Teens also lack experience to make good judgment calls, which can prevent them from recognizing the signs of intoxication.

Not concerned about the consequences

Many teenagers are thrill-seekers. They love the rush and excitement that comes from driving around with their friends. They may know about the consequences that can occur if they are apprehended by law enforcement or end up in car crashes. But they may not believe those things could happen to them. Regardless, the risks of car accidents, injuries and death are all too real for drunk teenage drivers. So are the risks of losing their driving privileges, paying fines, gaining DUI charges and criminal records, or serving time in juvenile detention centers.

Parents can help their teens to avoid the dangers of drunk driving by encouraging them to avoid alcohol at all costs. The short-lived thrills and dangers are not worth the consequences or potential loss of life. Anyone who is dealing with the aftermath of a car accident where underage drinking is a factor should discuss the situation with an attorney to learn more about possible options.

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