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March 2017 Archives

The unconsidered risks of teen drinking and driving

Teenage motorists are more likely to end up in drunk driving accidents than any other age group on the roads in Butler County. Car accidents are a leading cause of death for adolescent drivers When alcohol is a factor, the risks that teenagers face on the roads increase significantly. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol, but the fear of jail time and criminal records are not enough to deter some young offenders. Parents should learn more about the dangers of teenage alcohol intoxication and driving so they can guide their kids to make better decisions.

Parents can work out custody details in a collaborative way

When co-parenting from separate households, it can be a real challenge to balance every party's priorities. The best interests of the child always come first. However, parents may have limitations that can affect how this goal is accomplished. Believe it or not, there is a less stressful way to work out custody details of your child's custody arrangement.

Help for PA parents with opioid addiction, custody possible

Co-parenting is common among single parents or those who share joint-custody after a divorce. As many may already be aware, opioid addiction is a real problem in Pennsylvania and across the country. Drug addiction can steal everything from a person, including custody of their child. State agencies have and will continue to step in to ensure that opioid addiction does not tear apart anymore families.

Emergency protection orders can protect domestic violence victims

When it comes to life at home, sometimes positive relationships can turn tumultuous. This can lead to behavior that gets out of control and can be very harmful to those who are exposed. For some Cranberry Township residents, it can be become violent. Emotional and physical abuse in the home is what's known as domestic abuse.

Pennsylvania recognizes equitable division of property in divorce

When thinking about ending one's marriage by filing for divorce, there are many facets of a family's life to take into consideration. For instances, married parents often first think of how divorce might affect their children and their custody situation. Most parents have concerns about finances or assets when making a change in marital status. All of these questions can be addressed prior to, or during, the divorce process.

Helping your child adjust to two homes

A divorce is very stressful to the adults, even in the best of circumstances. To the children involved, it can cause confusion and disruption to their routine. It is difficult to suddenly have two homes, mom's and dad's. Each home has its own rules and routines, and nothing seems familiar. When you are setting up a new home for yourself and your child during a divorce, you can help your child adjust more quickly by taking some time to remember the child's viewpoint and emotions. Here are some tips:

Do grandparents have visitation rights in Pennsylvania?

Many grandparents develop special bonds with their grandchildren. When their parents go through a divorce, it can be difficult for grandparents to know what rights they have in order to see their grandchildren again. There can be shared custody between the parents, sole custody or other arrangements. Grandparents may be unaware that they might have rights for visitation and it is often in the best interest of a child to regularly see their grandparents.

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