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February 2017 Archives

Can an ex-spouse take any of their spouse's trust fund?

Trust funds are a way for some parents and grandparents to pass assets to their children in a controlled manner. A trust fund is a gift that is meant for a loved one and it can be a significant amount of money. But, can an ex-spouse receive any of a trust fund that is meant for the other spouse due to marital property?

Common traits of emotional abusers

Unfortunately, some Cranberry Township residents have been the victim of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can take many different forms, including sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse. There are certain traits that are common to emotional abusers that a potential mate may want to look out for.

What to expect after a DUI arrest in Pennsylvania

A lot may be on your mind after your first DUI arrest, especially the effect it will have on your future. Simple knowledge and preparation after your arrest not only can calm your nerves, but it can also eliminate or reduce some of the lasting consequences of your DUI. Most importantly, you need to know the first thing you should do after a DUI arrest to increase your chances of a good outcome.

How are retirement benefits divided in a divorce?

For many Cranberry Township residents, retirement accounts are one of the largest assets a person has besides their marital home. The division of property is one of the touchiest areas of a divorce, and this can include retirement accounts. So, how are retirement accounts handled in a divorce situation?

What does the law say about a parenting plan and co-parenting?

For a couple in Cranberry Township who are parting ways but share a child, having a co-parenting plan is one of the most important issues that they will navigate. This is sometimes amicable, but is often contentious. There can be a series of disputes that will make the process difficult. When considering a parenting plan in a contested legal proceeding, there are certain requirements that the court will have for the child's care and custody. This is meant to assist the court in coming to a reasonable resolution.

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