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Considering divorce next year? Make court your last resort

The holidays can be a time fraught with family conflict, but it isn't typically a time of year when people file for divorce. It is, however, the time they're considering it.

Visiting with the in-laws, the rounds of holiday parties, overspending -- all of these things can stress you out while highlighting the cracks in your relationship. Yet even when the burnout and letdowns are at their most infuriating, no one wants to ruin the holidays, especially for the kids.

What will that mean for your family when the holidays are over? Is it OK to ruin January? Of course not. Ideally, you and your spouse can talk reasonably and decide together whether it's time to end the marriage. If you couldn't agree, at least you could cover all the issues so that both of you feel heard.

Resolving spousal and family problems takes time, care and effort. Divorce won't make that any easier, especially if you have an acrimonious one. So how can you move forward positively so you don't ruin any time of year?

A collaborative law or mediated divorce could be the solution. These are two methods of handling your divorce that are quite different from the traditional divorce trial. Both are forms of alternative dispute resolution with the goal of helping you and your spouse end your marriage in a low-conflict, low-stress environment. Unlike a divorce trial where a judge makes the decisions about child custody, property division and support, in mediation or collaborative law, you and your spouse craft a solution of your own -- one you both can live with.

If you find yourself considering divorce this holiday season, you may wonder how ending your marriage could make you and your family happier. It can, but making sure it does will take work.

Assume going to court for a decision is your last resort. Work as hard as you can to develop your own divorce resolution through mediation or collaborative law. With some effort, care and thought, you can avoid ever having to worry again about ruining the holidays.

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