Enforcement Of Family Court Orders

Order of Court and agreements such as Separation and Property Settlement Agreements, Marriage Settlement Agreements, Custody Agreements or Support Agreements are enforceable. When parties defy agreements and court orders out of anger, spite or a sense of injustice, they are forced to deal with enforcement proceedings.

The family law attorneys of Haller & Imbarlina, P.C. represent parents in Contempt of Court and Petition for Special Relief actions in the family courts of Butler County and Allegheny County. We can intervene promptly and aggressively if the other party refuses to honor the agreement or order of court.

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Petition For Special Relief For Custody Violations

Sometimes a parent flatly refuses to return the child after shared parenting time or scheduled visitation. Some parents are perpetually late to exchanges or fail to abide by other terms of custody such as phone contact. In many cases, the pattern of behavior continues until the child ages out or until a judge steps in to lay down the law.

When one parent will not follow the custody order, the other parent can file a Petition for Special Relief. If the parent is found in contempt of court, the judge can impose various forms of relief, including:

  • Sanctions such as extra visitation
  • Modification of the underlying custody order
  • Reversal of custody to the other parent
  • Jail time in egregious and willful cases

Our experienced attorneys have represented both sides in these tense hearings. Although it is never justifiable to withhold visitation, parents may do so out of genuine concern for the child's well-being or because the other parent has stopped paying support. If you are filing the petition for relief, we work to ensure the other parent complies. If you are summoned for contempt of court, we will make sure that the court hears all the relevant facts.

Remedies For Unpaid Child Support

If the other parent is willfully withholding child support despite having the financial means, we can advise you of your rights and options, including wage garnishment and bank levies, to compel the other party to pay monthly support and any arrears.

Your parental rights are sacred and the best interests of your child must be protected. For immediate help with child custody and child support enforcement, call our Cranberry Township lawyers at 724-935-0820 or contact us online.