Solutions For Child Custody And Fairness In Child Support

Of all family law matters, the well-being of your children following divorce is of paramount importance and one that we give careful consideration and attention.

At Haller & Imbarlina, P.C., we understand how important — and how difficult — these matters are. Our lawyers provide strategy and advocacy in child custody proceedings while always keeping the focus on the best interests of the child. Whenever possible, it is preferable to work out a practical agreement than to let a judge dictate terms that you will be forced to live with.

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Custody And Parenting Plans

There are two primary types of child custody. Physical custody refers to the physical possession and control of the child, and may be assigned four ways: primary, partial, visitation and shared. Legal custody refers to the right to make major decisions for the child including educational, medical and religious. Legal custody is typically shared, even when one parent is awarded primary physical custody.

Negotiating child custody matters including grandparents' rights appropriately to ensure the health and happiness of your family is an involved process. Common considerations include what happens if one parent moves out of the area, access to medical and school records, involvement in school and extracurricular activities, consulting one another about important decisions on behalf of the child, and how to handle holidays and summer vacation.

We strive for the best solution for your children, which is more likely to come from a negotiated agreement as opposed to a custody arrangement imposed by the court. However, we have extensive experience litigating custody matters when the child's well-being is at risk or when one parent will not negotiate in good faith.

Determining Child Support

Along with divorce comes economic change and challenges in providing for two separate households. The state child support guidelines are a starting point for calculating appropriate support, but other factors in addition to the parents' incomes are considered, including child care expenses and future earning potential of the parties.

At Haller & Imbarlina, P.C., our goal is to help you and your family to be financially sound in the aftermath of separation or divorce. We carefully review your situation to ensure that your support arrangement includes everything that you are entitled to, is fair and provides for your needs. Child support is always modifiable and our attorneys are always prepared to argue for an increase or decrease in child support as the circumstances warrant.

Strong And Compassionate Legal Counsel

No matter how complicated your situation may seem, we can assure you that we have worked on every type of child custody case and child support case over our 30 years of practice in family law. Our team will work diligently on your behalf to assure the absolute best solution for you and your children.

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