Protect Your Child’s Rights

When youths make poor choices or fall in with the wrong crowd, they deserve an opportunity to make amends and learn from their mistakes. Pennsylvania's juvenile justice system is supposed to rehabilitate teenagers, not punish them.

If your son or daughter was arrested for a crime, you need an experienced juvenile defense attorney. The legal team at Haller & Imbarlina, P.C., works to shield your child from the harshest consequences and preserve his or her future. Contact us right away if your child has been cited or detained for any juvenile offense.

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Juvenile Criminal Defense In Butler County

Most kids who get arrested are not destined for a life of crime. The offense may have been fueled by alcohol or hormones or peer pressure. There may be an underlying addiction or mental health issue. The science shows that their reasoning and impulse control are still developing.

Juvenile offenders need to be held accountable for their actions and steered down a straighter path. But they should not have to forfeit their future or change their career plans because of one incident. Over the last 30-plus years, Jack Haller has handled the full spectrum of juvenile crime allegations, including:

  • Using or dealing drugs
  • Underage drinking and impaired driving
  • Assaults and harassment
  • Sexual offenses
  • Theft, burglary or vandalism
  • Major felonies charged in adult court

Making Sure Your Child Still Has A Future

Our sons and daughters have their whole life ahead of them. We work to keep it that way by making sure juvenile clients are represented appropriately. If your child is wrongly accused, we will vigorously challenge the prosecution's case. If your child was involved in something unlawful, we will take steps to prove to the court that your child is remorseful and not at risk to re-offend. As necessary we will push for rehab or other services to help your child get back on track.

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