Defense And Mitigation Of Drug Charges

Drug crimes are aggressively investigated and punished severely. In addition to jail or prison, a felony record can kill careers and employment opportunities. With strong representation, it may be possible to avoid conviction or limit the long-term damage.

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We Take Drug Crimes Seriously, Too

Without proper and timely legal advice, those accused of drug offenses may inadvertently waive their rights or help the prosecution prove its case. There is too much at stake to plead guilty or wait and see what happens. We handle the full range of drug charges:

  • Marijuana offenses
  • Drug possession (heroin, cocaine, meth, etc.)
  • Prescription drugs (OxyContin, Suboxone, etc.)
  • Selling or possession with intent to deliver
  • Drug trafficking
  • Growing or manufacturing

Experienced criminal defense attorney Jack Haller leads a sharp and committed team of attorneys and staff who can confront the charges and position you for the best possible result. We have secured dismissals, acquittals, reduced charges and other victories that spared clients from lengthy prison terms. We have successfully challenged traffic stops, search warrants and other evidence on Fourth Amendment grounds.

The potential penalties — and potential defenses — depend on the underlying charges, enhancing factors such as guns or priors, mitigating factors such as drug addiction, and the strength of the prosecution's case. We examine every facet of the evidence and explore all options and opportunities to favorably resolve your drug charges.

Some drug offenders qualify for accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) to keep the conviction off their record. Drug Court is an option in some jurisdictions. Our good relations with the local prosecutors in Butler County, Allegheny County and surrounding counties open the door for negotiations, but we are prepared to fight the charges at trial when it serves our clients' best interests.

Protect Your Rights After A Drug Crime Arrest

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