Don't Let A DUI Ruin Your Life

Perhaps you got behind the wheel when you shouldn't have. Perhaps the officer who pulled you over is the one who made the mistake. Either way, a drunk driving arrest does not have to ruin your life.

It is critical to talk to a lawyer right away. The criminal defense lawyers of Haller & Imbarlina, P.C., will exhaust every opportunity to protect your freedom, your license, your record and your reputation.

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Strong Defense Against Charges Of Drunk Driving

Our Cranberry Township law firm handles DUI cases in Butler County, Allegheny County and adjoining counties of western Pennsylvania. Led by veteran attorney Jack Haller, our legal team will look out for you and your future. We will examine all the facts of your situation and all options to resolve this serious and regrettable incident.

We have handled every DUI scenario, including:

  • First-time DUI
  • Repeat offenses or enhancing factors
  • Breath test refusal
  • Underage drinking and driving
  • Child endangerment (DUI with a minor in the car)
  • Alcohol-related accidents
  • Prescription drugs or other controlled substances

It may be possible to challenge the traffic stop, the field sobriety tests and the Breathalyzer results. You may be eligible for accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) or other avenues to avoid a DUI conviction on your record.

Contact Us Without Delay!

You never thought this would happen, but driving under the influence is a serious charge. Before pleading guilty or saying something you will regret, talk to our Butler County DUI defense attorneys. We offer a free initial phone consultation to discuss how we can help. We have obtained favorable outcomes for many clients facing the similar ordeal of a DUI arrest.