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July 2017 Archives

What if a parent needs to relocate after a child custody order?

Things change for people in Pennsylvania over the course of their lives. When new circumstances arise, they may need to make certain changes in their lives involving their children. Sometimes it means that the person needs to find a new job or move closer to a sick loved one, which requires that the person move their residence. This may not be that big of an issue when the person is single, but it can become a much bigger issue if the person has children.

What is "Battered Women's Syndrome?"

Domestic abuse is a serious concern for many Americans throughout the United States. Many of the symptoms of domestic violence are not always easy to recognize, often making it difficult for an abused wife or girlfriend to get out of the situation. One common syndrome among repeatedly abused women is called battered women's syndrome.

Who can benefit from the collaborative divorce process?

If you and your spouse have come to the difficult decision to get a divorce, you may be wondering about how to approach the process. For many people getting a divorce, it is their first time and they aren't always sure what to expect. This is completely understandable, and because of this, some married couples aren't aware of a specific type of divorce process that could mean less stress on themselves and family members.

Is your spouse hiding assets

Pennsylvania couples beginning the divorce process must handle several serious issues, one of which is property division. Whether you intend to attempt a collaborative resolution or head straight into litigation, prepare for disagreements about the most fair way to divide the marital assets.

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